Rakhi Sawant’s leaked MMS goes viral, but she is confused if that’s her in the video

Wherever Rakhi Sawant goes, controversy follows. Better known for her bold statements and bolder appearances has found herself in the limelight, but this time it is regarding a leaked MMS. The video which is doing the rounds allegedly has Rakhi changing clothes. But the item girl has refuted all claims that it is her in the clip. The source of the MMS is yet to be known.

Rakhi is crying out and claiming that the video is not hers and that the woman in it is her duplicate. In an interview with Pinkvilla, Rakhi claimed, “Yes, I saw the video and I am very upset. I have worked in the film industry for 11 years and have

not experienced anything like this.” She added, “I don’t know who it is, looks like me, maybe she is my duplicate. But it is not me.”

Rakhi’s most recent controversy was when she seconded filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma’s tweet and said that “every woman needs to learn to give pleasure.”