You won't believe what Ayesha Takia looks looks like now!

Plastic surgery is no big secret in the entertainment world and more often than not, its results are quite pleasing to the eye.

However, at times, things can go wrong. In the case of Ayesha Takia, they seem to have gone very, very wrong…

The Wanted actor, who has been missing from the big screen ever since she got married and became a mother, made a one-off appearance at an event on Friday looking drastically different, reported India Today.

Ayesha was seen sporting unnaturally and excessively large, bee-stung lips which she did not have before. Also, her ‘frozen’ face has sparked speculation that she underwent a lip job and botox treatment too.

The Socha Na Tha star also talked about making her big comeback and said that she is in the process of reading scripts. Ayesha revealed that she is currently doing a film called Borivali Ka Bruce Lee, which is slated to release by the end of the year. She has also shot a music video with Amit Mishra in December last year, which is expected to come out soon too.

Ayesha, who is a mother to three-year-old Mikhail, said that she is open to doing films as long as they can fit into her schedule. However, family and motherhood remain her top priority at the moment.