Sonam Kapoor decided to leave his parents house

Sonam Kapoor has decided to move into his apartment:

Indian actress Sonam Kapoor will leave his parents house because she has decided to move into his new apartments.

Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor not only Film set in the world in a very short time, but also won the hearts of fans with his unique acting. While Sonam Kapoor is getting fame, she's also famous in the affair with his close friend Anand Ahuja several days.

After this, news heared about Sonam Kapoor that she will leave his parents house. According to Indian media Sonam has decided to leave his real house.She bought a fabulous apartment in a posh area of Mumbai Bandra.

Sonam Kapoor plans to move his new appartment as soon as. The news of the new house is being kept secret from everyone.